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Quickcred Finance is a technology driven finance company providing a mix of financial services to individuals and MSMEs. As Quickcred finance we believe that affordable credit should be considered as a right and not a privilege. The business thrust is to provide affordable and smart business solutions to individuals and MSMES. This approach will allow the company to offer reliable financial returns and significant social returns to its investors, while providing a valuable service to its customers. We operate from our Head Office located at 35 Nelson Mandela Street Corner Angwa.


Quickcred Finance was formed in 2020 and founded by a team of educated and well experienced professionals with varied experience in the financial services sectors. The aggregate financial services experience of our founders is in excess of 40 years.


The company is currently operating from Harare Central Business District. The business shall predominantly offer loans to the business people in the micro and small enterprises category. The following shall be the main loan products to be offered in support of the sector:

Some Reasons to Work

SME Business Loans.

Order Financing –This is short term funding that can help a business pay for the goods and services needed to fulfil customer orders.

Invoice Discounting.

This is a facility that enables suppliers to get cash settlement of their invoices from the Bank upon confirmation of delivery of the goods, whilst the beneficiary is conferred with extended credit terms of up to 60 days.

Asset Based Loans & Financing

The business can borrow money to buy assets with the asset serving as collateral for the loan. Asset Financing, The Business may choose to borrow working capital loans against the current assets they own.